Clothing & Style

Let’s face it, it’s all about the clothes! Your style and personality are reflected in the way you dress. And that’s why we want you to wear
what you want!
But, there are a few tips on what to think about when your shopping
for your session. First of all, listen to your parents when they have input on what outfits to wear. I know, I know…but they can make a good point! Bring at least one outfit that is somewhat traditional in style. This will be good for yearbook headshots and for the portrait for the wall. You don’t want a portrait of you on the wall that’s going to look outdated in a few years!
Your other outfits can be whatever YOU want. Jeans, skirts, T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, sports uniforms, shoes or barefoot!
But, please make sure to try on your outfits before your session.
Make sure everything fits properly and isn’t too loose or too tight. Some outfits are great for everyday, but not for portraits.

Keep these things in mind:
1. Is this a good color for me? Does it wash me out, work with my coloring, bring out my best features?
2. Does it show too much skin? You want your face to be the main focus of your portraits, not everything else.
3. Is this too LOUD! Try to stay away from really busy patterns. Or if you absolutely can’t live without it, try throwing a solid color jacket over it.


Bring your hairspray, gel, frizz control, shine serum, sculpting putty, flat iron, and curling iron! Whatever you need to make yourself look good!
When you come to the studio, have your hair as close to done as possible. You can do touch ups between clothing changes as needed. Just know,
the longer you take getting ready the less time we have to photograph you.
Ladies: If you want your hair curly for one session and straight for another, you will have to book your sessions separately.

Your make-up should look natural and compliment your look. We strongly suggest getting your make-up done by a professional.  We recommend going Modern Concepts Salon in St. Johns, that is conveniently located right down the street from our studio.  They have special deals JUST for our Seniors.


Make-Up $25
Hair and Make-Up $45

Mani/Pedi $40 All services $95

If professional make-up is not an option here are a few tips:
Applying eyeliner and mascara will enhance your eyes.  Powder will keep you from being too shiny.  Make sure to bring your powder with you.  We will need to reapply when we go outside in the heat!     The best thing for your lips is lip gloss or chapstick that closely matches your lip color.
Practice your look a couple days before your session.
If you need help, just ask!

Do you want images that show who you really are? Bring in some of your favorite things to add to your portraits.  Sports, music, dance, books or even your cat!
To make the best statement, instead of bringing everything you own, just pick out your one favorite prop. This way, your props won’t hide you in the portrait!